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Fourth-Year EM Curriculum Topics:

Approach to Abdominal Pain        Approach to Altered Mental Status        Approach to Trauma        Psychiatric Emergencies         Procedures        Approach to Poisoning         Pulmonary Emergencies         Approach to Cardiac Arrest        Environmental and Endocrine         Approach to GI Bleeding         Approach to Chest Pain and ACS        Headache and Neurologic        Shock and Sepsis

Additional EM Topic Tests:

Cardiology Emergencies        Dermatologic Emergencies        Infectious Emergencies        Ophthalmologic Emergencies        Orthopedic Emergencies        Pediatric Emergencies        Miscellaneous Emergencies    32 Question Misc. Test    34 Question Misc. Test

Third-Year EM Curriculum Topics:

Content Area

% Covered on Exam

The Approach to the Undifferentiated Patient


Stabilization of the Acutely Ill Patient


Vital Signs


Basic and Advanced Life Support Techniques


Focused Chief Complaint History and Physical Examination


Chief Complaint Differential Diagnosis


Diagnostic Testing


Electrocardiogram/Rhythm Recognition


Emergency Department Procedures


Acute Pain Control






Emergency Medicine within the US Healthcare System



National EM M4 Exams: These exams assess the EM M4 Curriculum (references 1, 2) and may be used as end-of-rotation exams for 4th-year EM students (references 3, 4). The exams must be proctored, and a Proctor ID and Proctor Password is required to access to the exams. Clerkship Directors, please click on the "Clerkship Directors" link on the left-hand side of the page to log using your Clerkship Director ID and Password to pursue the steps necessary to obtain a Proctor ID/Password. The performance data of these exams is reviewed and updated annually. Clerkship Directors may find the national average scores on these exams once you log into the "Clerkship Directors" link. Please access the exams here:
National EM M4 Exam Version 1
National EM M4 Exam Version 2 
National EM M3 Exam: This new exam assesses the EM M3 curriculum (references 5,6) and may be used as an end-of-rotation exam for 3rd year EM students who follow the “MUST” curricular topics from the curriculum.  The exam is written based on the objectives listed in the curriculum and the topics are outlined below.  Not all objectives are covered as the written exam focuses on the objectives that best cover knowledge-based topics.  The exam should only be taken by students who are in a 3rd year EM clerkship, or equivalent rotation.  The process for taking the exam is the same as for the M4 exam (see “National EM M4 Exams” above).  There are currently no practice questions for the M3 exam. Please access the third year exam here:
National EM M3 Exam Version


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